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Toria's Transport Service

Transportation options for seniors living in an assisted living community are varied and depend upon what is specifically offered at the facility and within the immediate vicinity. Your elderly loved one may have a variety of reasons to travel away from the community, and these may dictate how he or she will get there.

make sure you ask about transportation options and under what circumstances transportation may or may not be covered in the standard fees. This is also a good time to consider the location of the facility as an important factor in deciding which facility to choose.

Transportation to and from an assisted living facilityy is typically covered for the following types of needs:

Medical Appointments

Transportation to and from medical appointments is typically covered as part of a facility’s Toria's Support Care Services standard fee. However, there are restrictions as to which days are covered and how far the driver may go. Appointments that are beyond a set distance from the facility or are on days not covered by the facility’s schedule may incur additional fees for transportation.

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Organized Outings

Toria's Assisted Living Communities will provide transportation to and from social and recreational outings for our residents. All other transportation needs will either be covered by the facility as an additional expense or will need to be worked out by the resident and/or his or her family members. These can include: Shopping trips Trips to visit friends and family Social and recreational outings not organized by the facility Religious services

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